DEFENDER OF THE DAMNED


Strict Confidentiality

All matters you bring to me are subject to an attorney-client privilege and are strictly confidential, even if you’re on the lam.

Federal & State

The United States of America and the State of Texas are separate political entities with their own criminal codes, under which they may both make accusations against you. I am licensed to appear on your behalf and to advocate in your defense in every court in the State of Texas and in every federal court for the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Districts of Texas. I am also licensed in the United States Fifth Ciruit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. If your trouble emanates from within the borders of the State of Texas, at any level, I CAN HELP.

Felony & Misdemeanor

There are many and varied levels of offenses of which the government may accuse you, from fine-only to the death penalty. No case is too big, too small, too heinous. or too disgusting. I DO NOT PASS JUDGMENT on my clients. If you are charged by the government with any crime, at any level, I CAN HELP.

Trial, Appeal, & Habeas Corpus

When the government charges you with a crime, you may contest the accusation by asking non-government citizens to decide whether you are guilty, or not, and the appropriate punishment if you are convicted – a trial.

If you have been convicted, whether by judge or jury, you may ask a higher court to determine the fairness of the proceedings through an appeal. Even if a court of appeals affirms your conviction, you may seek redress in the highest criminal court in the State of Texas, the Court of Criminal Appeals, through a petition for discretionary review.

If you are being held illegally, before or after conviction, you make seek immediate relief through an application for a writ of habeas corpus, wherein the government must produce you before a court and justify your continued detention. Applications for writs of habeas corpus may be brought in both state and federal courts.

If you are in danger of disenfranchisement at the hands of the government at any point in a criminal proceeding and need an advocate to stand for you, I CAN HELP.

Probation Revocation

If you are accused of violating the conditions of your probation, I CAN HELP. Just because Probation tells you that they are going to “violate you,” and send you to jail, does not mean that is what necessarily will happen. Probation revocations are always ultimately up to the judge. Not the probation officer. Not the prosecutor. But you have to have YOUR advocate. There are many options available when the government seeks to revoke your probation, and I CAN HELP.


If you are seeking an expungement of a criminal record (basically an erasure of an arrest record), I will advise you if you qualify, and provide the expunction service if you do.

Occupational License

Reacquire the right to drive legally if your driver’s license has been suspended as a result of a criminal proceeding.

Pre-Emptive Advice

If you need advice on any criminal matter, even if not currently charged, pending, or otherwise, I will provide you with thorough, accurate, and unvarnished advice.

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